High-tack deep hole contract processing

Flexible processing from one piece to mass production

We can handle a variety of processing from single piece to prototype to mass production.

In addition to gundrilling machines, we also have honing machines, machining centers, wire EDMs, micro machining centers, cylindrical grinders and several types of CNC lathes.

As a result, we can provide a variety of high-precision machined products by providing consistent support for internal and external diameters, from materials to finishing the external shape and deep hole drilling.

ISO 9001

Reliable measurement, reliable quality

We are ISO9001:2015 certified and have roundness, cylindrical form measuring machines and surface roughness measuring machines. We promise you reliable measurement and quality for each of your products.

More than 1000 types (No.1 in the industry)! Gun Drills

gun drill

We have more than 1,000 types of gun drills (including corresponding drill bushings and slide stopper), especially for small diameter (φ0.5 to φ6.0) in 0.1mm increments, and many tool lengths are available. In addition, we manufacture special jigs in-house, and we can prepare and select the most suitable machine, tool, and jig to meet the customer's request, so we can always provide high-precision and high-quality deep hole drilling with short delivery time.

No need to change the process! High-precision deep hole drilling on a workpiece that has already been externally machined

We provide high-precision deep hole machining for workpieces that have already been externally formed without changing the process at the customer.

We are absolutely confident in our machining accuracy using our own gundrilling machines and processing technology, and can perform high-precision deep hole drilling for a wide variety of workpiece shapes.

Development capabilities cultivated through the design and manufacture of gundrilling machines

We are able to develop machines according to themes, such as prototype processing, so that we can flexibly respond to our customers' needs.

In addition, we always provide our customers with the most advanced precision and quality deep hole drilling by using servo spindles, our self-developed control system, and precision and quality oriented machine manufacturing.

Gun Drill Development