Honing process (precision finishing process)

Honing process realized by many years of deep hole processing technology

Taking advantage of our many years of deep hole drilling (deep hole machining) technology, we started honing business in 2015.

honing process

Development of technology to realize unconventional small-diameter and long honing process

At present, we are developing honing machines and honing tools with ultra-small diameters and longer machining lengths than existing ones by utilizing the technology cultivated through the development of gun-drilling machines.

The target performance is honing of 1.0 to 10.0 mm inside diameter and 1,200 mm depth, and the specification enables honing of not only through holes but also stop holes, eccentric holes and square materials.

With the development of this machine, the inner surface roughness of medical surgical tools and materials can be improved and the tolerance of deep bore can be fine-tuned at a lower cost than before, which can be used in a wide range of fields.

honing process

Honing process (What is internal diameter processing?)

We have the advantage of possessing our own gun-drilling machines and processing technologies that achieve the industry's top-class machining accuracy (straightness, roundness, and surface roughness), which enables us to provide low-cost, high-quality honing based on high-precision preparation holes.


Applicable processing dimensions (mm)φ2.0 to φ20.0
machining length~1000mm
accuracy[Machining example of Φ12mm×235L]
Gun Drill Lower Hole Machining
Cylindricity 0.015mm Curvature of hole 0.01mm Roundness 0.001mm~0.003mm
honing process
Cylindricity 0.007mm Curvature of hole 0.004mm Roundness 0.0009mm~0.001mm

Sales of machinery to overseas markets using know-how cultivated through contract processing!

We also began selling machinery overseas in fiscal 2021. In line with this, we have resumed domestic sales.

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